I would just like to welcome all to St.Meddans Golf Club.

St.Meddans has been established for over 108 years and as a member for over 10 years I am honoured to be given the Captaincy in what is a new beginning regarding our club house and facility. We have been allocated a new room which we will share with other clubs. The facility as a whole has been modernised and a bright and spacious Restaurant and Lounge area created as well as Locker areas and Toilet/Shower facilities.

For the first time we will be given access to the internet; a plus for our club as we seek to have every member put on the Central Database of Handicaps (CDH). You as members will then benefit as SGU cards will be allocated which have many benefits.

Our membership is at the highest it has been since I have been a member at the club and it is something we do not take for granted but are thankful for as other clubs are not so fortunate. We thank everyone for their continued support of our club.

In my role as Handicap Secretary over the last 4 years I have always strived to do the best for the club and its members and again I will try and do the same as Captain.
I have been lucky to work with a very flexible and forward thinking Committee who work hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is done correctly for the benefit of all members. I am sure as Captain the current committee will strive to do the same.

If there are any questions you feel need answered then please feel free to e-mail me and I will strive to either give you the answer or seek someone who can.


Mark Stewart
Troon St.Meddans Golf Club