A friend recently asked me why I thought that St Meddans was going through a particularly successful period, especially when so many other clubs are facing bleak times. I don’t think there is any one factor that is responsible; more a combination that has enabled the club to grow.

The first reason is the courses we play on. We are very lucky in being able to play on Lochgreen one week and Darley the next. Lochgreen was used as a final qualifier for the Open and Darley is acknowledged as being amongst the toughest courses in Scotland to play to your handicap. Another good feature of the courses is their location and prevailing weather. It is unusual to play to winter  greens and rarer that one of my birdies to have the course closed. A lot of thanks must go to the green keeping staff who decided a few years ago to do away with winter fairway protection.

The second reason is value for money. The current membership is only £60 which lets a member have a recognised handicap, a CDH number for away competitions, entry to all our competitions apart from our Open and a chance to attend our annual smoker.

The third reason is Golf. St Meddans must be one of very few clubs that run counting competitions on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday throughout the year – over 150! Free to enter knockout competitions include handicap singles, summer 4 ball, winter foursomes and senior singles. We then add in our team events. Scratch team league, scratch team knockout, handicap team league, handicap team knockout and senior team league. All details on how to enter can be found on the notice boards.

The final reason must be our members. They cover all ages and abilities but with the sole aim of enjoying the game of golf.

Welcome to St Meddans and please feel free to contact a member of the committee if you would like any further information – their details are on another page on this site.

Thank you and good luck on the courses this year.

David Finch